Newest Addition – Lucy

So first things first…We added a new pet to the Neely family last September and we named her Lucy.

I had been wanting and researching mini pigs for over a year when I came across an add on Craigslist for a female mini pig and fell in love. For anyone looking to do the same, I definitely suggest you do the same amount of research if you plan on getting a pig. Don’t be fooled by breeders telling you they will stay under 15-25lbs full grown because that is the hugest load of crap I’ve ever heard haha. Unless you plan on starving your pig and having it die extremely early from never getting the proper nourishment the smallest you can hope for is about 50lbs and that’s still pretty small for a pot belly pig. Mini’s can live for up to 20 years if you care for them properly and become extremely attached to their families.

Lucy had been taken in by a friend of someone who had bought her without doing their research. Not all cities allow or are zoned for mini pigs as indoor pets (since they are considered livestock) and have very strict rules. Lucy’s previous owner only had her for a few weeks before learning this and was told to get rid of her or move. When I saw the post for her online I knew I had to jump at the opportunity and knew I wanted to give her the chance to live with our loving family.

She has the personality of a toddler and constantly tries to get into everything…extremely nosy 🙂 Pigs are extremely smart so we’ve been able to teach her things and she was potty trained within a few days of being with us. Lucy goes outside with our dogs (Kira-Rottweiler/Piston -Yorkie) and loves roaming the yard with them. She sleeps with me occasionally which my husband doesn’t always like haha but she is the biggest cuddle bug. She loves being held and is the hugest attention “hog” I’ve ever seen.

I’m sure I’ll have tons of stories to add on here about her but thought I’d at least introduce her for now.


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