173. Food Truck Festival

365 Days of Music City

Musicians Corner is kicking off their fall season today at Centennial Park. And in addition to the music and family fun, there’s a Food Truck Festival! 30, that’s right THIRTY, local food trucks will be on site serving their deliciousness to hungry patrons at the park. This is your chance to go back to your favorite or try something new. There’s definitely no shortage of options! Burgers, grilled cheese, crepes, Thai, wings, juice, ice cream, coffee, doughnuts, pie, and more. Something for every age, every taste, and every appetite. Participating trucks include:
Riffs Fine Street Food, Grilled Cheeserie; Smoke Et Al; Hoss Loaded Burgers; Crepe A-Diem; Deg Thai; Delta Bound; Just Like Nannie Fixed it; Two Guys in a Lunch Box; Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream; Jonbalaya; Music City Pie Co.; Wrapper’s Delight; Pazze Italiano; Slow Hand Coffee;  Sum Yum Yum; Smokin’ Thighs; The Mobile Chef; The Rolling Feast; Yayo’s OMG; Mean…

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