164. Taste of Opryland Dine-Around Tour

365 Days of Music City

You’ve probably heard of or been in the immense Gaylord Opryland Resort, right? It’s beautiful – inside and out. 2,700+ rooms, 170+ suites, meeting rooms, meeting space, 9 acres of indoor gardens, a spa, pools, a golf course, shopping, 12 restaurants, and the list goes on. Whether you’re actually sleeping there or not, it’s definitely something that everyone should experience – walking through, shopping, eating, browsing, looking. But with 12 restaurants, how do you choose where to eat? You don’t! You take a Taste of Opryland Dine-Around Tour! On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 4pm to 6:30pm, the resort offers these special tours. A tour guide leads you through the hotel stopping at several of their restaurants to sample unique food or drinks. And between bites and steps, you’ll also learn a bit about the resort’s history as you make your way from one lovely site to another. So…

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