A Walk Around the Mission Point Lighthouse

Loving Traverse City


Dear friends and readers,

“Loving Traverse City” now has a new address. (It’s a lot easier to remember, too)  You can reach it easily by going to http://blog.traversecity.com/. Or just follow this link.




It was a lovely sunny morning with a hint of cool breeze wafting over the bay. Karen was determined to exercise a pent-up urge to do some housekeeping, and it was obvious that the best “help” I could contribute was to go elsewhere and stay there until she was finished.

“All right then,” I said cheerfully. “I’ll go hike around at the lighthouse for a while. I wanted to see how the water levels are doing there anyway.”

Then, suddenly, it struck me, how awesome it was to be able to say that – for a city-raised landlubber like me, anyway — as if it was no…

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