Delivered from the Trials of Life

This Day With God

Think of how God has delivered His people throughout history from starving in the dessert, from oppression, during sickness, or in distress at sea. He saved Daniel from the lions, Moses rose to prominence at age 80, and He gave David the courage to defeat Goliath. With God there is victory.

Pour out your hurts and needs to God and He has the power to turn it around for you. Take comfort and be patient. God is big enough to turn it around and make it better than you could ever dream. In modern times, here’s a list of difficulties along with the people that went through it to eventually succeed:

  • Dismissed from drama school – Lucille Ball
  • Critiques didn’t like their sound – The Beatles
  • Was cut from his high school basket ball team – Michael Jordan
  • Teachers told his parents he couldn’t learn anything – Thomas Edison
  • Lacked…

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