Top 5 Sporting Events in Nashville

Top 5 Nashville

They love sports in the south.  Football is king, but basketball and baseball are not far behind.  Sports are crucial to Nashville.  Being a town of imports, there is a diverse fan base of both professional and collegiate sports teams. Sports bars are flooded with fans of every kind, and live sporting events are well attended.  The draw of all that this city has to offer brings in several sporting events that you need to check out.  If you are not into sports, show up anyway.  All the cool kids are doing it.

1. Music City Bowl
very New Year’s Eve, an ACC and SEC team gather in Nashville to bash their helmets together and see who leaves Nashville with bragging rights. The Nashville sports council does a great job of putting on several days of exciting events, followed by the NCVB putting on one of the greatest NYE…

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