Daily Prompt: INTJ – Peace & Quiet

Do parties and crowds fill you with energy, or send you scurrying for peace and quiet?

I am by no means a shy person… I just hate being around crowds of people, especially when I don’t know anyone.

I have been known to take certain measures to ensure I am not surrounded by too many people at once. Sam and I don’t go out to dinner until after the normal time just so that the restaurant isn’t packed. I make sure we that when we go out to bars on the weekends that we get there early so that we can get our own table and space… I hate standing and having people rub on me or bump me as they walk by.

I recently had to go to Dallas on a business trip for training. One of the days we were there, we were assigned seats away from anyone we knew in our office. I’m guessing this was to get acquainted with employees from other offices? lol I was so uncomfortable and barely spoke to anyone the entire day. The only time I was able to open up was when we went to dinner each night and I had a few drinks. As soon as have a few drinks, I loosen up and talk to anyone in sight. Weird, I know haha.

If the group happens to be family or friends, there is no issue. I still prefer quiet and being left alone…but I love spending time with my family no matter how many of them are around 🙂


Daily Prompt: INTJ.


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