Dancing with the Stars Premiere 3-19-13 – OH BOY!

It is that time of year again for all the stars who either crave attention, are almost broke, or are trying to make a comeback all get together on a dancing show for America to see. Obviously I love the show and watch it religiously, so I’ll probably add a new post each week with my thoughts 🙂

Since tonight is the premiere…I’ve decided to add my thoughts on this years stars and their first performances.

Here goes!!

Kelly & Derek: Absolutely awesome. I can already tell that Kelly will be around for quite awhile. So far I’m hoping she brings that mirror ball trophy back home to us here in Nashville ❤

Victor & Lindsey: Eh, it was ok… not to sure how far he will go. Seems like he very nice, just not sure he’ll have the fan base to get him through.

Ingo & Kim: Not bad…great to look at haha. I feel like he will be one of the ones that grows the most and gets better every week.

Lisa & Gleb: This lady is hilarious! The video before the dance had me cracking up. As for dancing, she’s ok. I believe she is one of the older ladies this year, so who knows how much she will be able to do. Doubt she will stay past week 5? Just wasn’t very clean and doesn’t have great chemistry as partners…And I hope she doesn’t bring her dog on every week.

DL & Cheryl: YUCK! One of the worst of the night…she did most of the work and all he did was stand in place and do some really bad wannabe gangster moves. Please go home first with your big fake glasses!

Zendaya & Val: Dangerous – Young – Bold…this girl is the youngest ever on the show thus far but man is she going to be good. She has gorgeous lines and can seriously dance. Loved it! She actually reminds me of a young JLo???

Sean & Peta: Bachelor alert!!! The performance I’ve been waiting to see all night 🙂 He definitely isn’t the greatest dancer and he probably won’t win…but man he has a lot of fans. He’s another one that will get better each week. I’m a fan.

Aly & Mark: Awe yeah, my gymnast girl. Gosh I love her, but she just isn’t a Shawn Johnson… Her performance just seemed too easy compared to the rest of the stars so far. Not sure how long she will stay on.

Dorothy & Tristan: Not bad. I think she may be the best out of the older female stars. Her story about breast cancer really touched me. I hope she stays for awhile…

Whynonna & Tony: Not nearly as bad as I was expecting. I didn’t think she would be able to do much because of her body structure and size…and she wasn’t able to. Surprise of the night.

Andy & Sharna:Adorable. I always thought he was a super douche bag, but he was very classy and sweet. He’s got a way to go but I enjoyed the dance quite a bit.

Jacoby & Karina: Oh man! As usual the football players are always amazing. He can definitely dance…tonights performance wasn’t the best based on posture and skills but he will definitely be one of the best this year.

Lots of surprises but I think this is going to be an exciting and good season for Dancing with the Stars. Until next week… I’m off to watch Castle lol 🙂


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