Love and Choice


When you feel love in your heart, joy and happiness infuse into your being.  The following peace balances whatever trials are at hand. Love says more about the one who feels it than the one they love. The resultant energy is enough to catapult you through whatever challenges present themselves in your world.  
As you all know, news is not “good” or “bad”…..what defines this news is the choice we make in how we react to it.  A follow up phone call from my oncologist informed me of the recommendation for my treatment to include radiation. First the measurement of my lung health by PFT’s (pulmonary function tests) to insure my lungs can handle the assault of radiation.  Apparently the size of the mass in my chest dictates the protocol treatment of radiation.  Reoccurrence of disease without radiation is 15% versus 8% with radiation. But, I must take one step…

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