Weekly Writing Challenge: Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

For this challenge, we want to see a photo of someone looking truly happy. Not “I’m-smiling-for-this-photo” happy, but really, deeply, twinkle-in-the-eyes happy. When we’re smiling a genuine smile, our whole faces get involved — our whole bodies, for that matter. There’s a light in our eyes. We look relaxed; there’s a forced tension in a fake smile.

Then we want to know why: what’s going on in the photo? What are you (or they) thinking about at the exact moment? (And if you really want to get into it: what happens next?)

photoSo this is a picture of my grandma playing with my big baby of a dog Kira. It was taken in Traverse City, Michigan at my grandparents house before Christmas this past year. At the time this picture was taken, I had caught her talking to Kira like she used to talk to me when I was little.

She started laughing and saying “Look, she just loves me… she knows exactly what I’m saying!”My grandma thought that because Kira would look her right in the eye and lay her head on her knee, that meant she could understand what she was saying.

My grandma is NOT an animal person. She has never spent time with or cared about pets my grandpa or uncles have owned, but she absolutely loves my two 🙂 You can see my yorkie in the background not giving a care as to what is going on.

Nothing changed after this picture was taken… Grandma continued talking to her grand furbabies without a care in the world.


My absolute favorite thing about this picture is the fact that she is not terrified whatsoever at the fact that my dog is a rottweiler. If anyone else were to walk into the house or my yard they would think twice before coming right in. Although that can be a good thing most of the time, it’s because of her breed that people have an issue.

Kira is the biggest most sweetest dog in the world. I am so glad our family and friends know better and don’t judge her on the way she looks. Obviously you can tell from the picture that she is just a sweetie pie ♥

I chose this picture because there aren’t many times we can catch a real smile out of my grandma these days. We always make fun of her for faking smiles and making herself look ridiculous. I just love that you can see how happy she is in this picture.

– That’s about all I got…there is no way I would ever make it to 1000 words haha. –

Weekly Writing Challenge: Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction.


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