Daytona 500 2013

This will be the first 500 my hubby and I haven’t been able to watch together in years 😦 Lord knows I wouldn’t miss it, but I definitely have it recording for him to watch when he gets home later.

I was hoping my two boys – Kyle & Tony – would have a good race today. Tony has already been knocked out of his shot to actually win 😦 We’re only 1/4 way through this race…by the end we will only have like 10 cars left.

I’m really not sure how I feel about these new front end grills on these cars this season. Why in the world would you want to make it difficult to bump & draft? On top of that, the body of the car has to be even lower to the ground because they can’t even drive through the grass without tearing half their car off! WTF. Apparently this is going to be a very disappointing race for tons of drivers and their fans.

I’d like to see them able to “race” at Daytona, but instead they are all held up in a single file line just hanging on. RAWR.


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